Deck Mount
15" tall - attaches to any
horizontal surface (like deck rail
or fence top) with a 3'x3"
mounting plate and 4 screws.
Post Mount
tall - attaches to any
vertical suface (like deck or fence)
with a 3" x 3" mount plate and 4 screws.
Roof Mount
15" tall - comes with a roof
mounting plate and conforms to
roof pitch.
Garden Stake
60" tall - pushes into the
ground or may be used
with included ground stake
The garden style mount includes a 5/16" x 30" galvanized ground stake. The ground stake is driven 15" into the ground and the 60" garden mount slides over the top, giving 15" of stability in the ground while allowing the weathervane to retain its full height above the ground. We recommend that you use the ground stake in areas with very hard ground
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