Some of the products that we offer...

Yard & Garden stuff:

planters, statuary, sundials, trellis, sprinklers, fountains, windmills, wind chimes, garden art, mirror balls, arbors, stepping stones, garden statues, squirrel proof feeders, birdbaths( heated or not) and we also carry...
Tool kinda stuff:
garden gloves, lined rubber gloves, neck coolers, pruners, garden clothing and more.
And just like the seasons of the year, we are always changing, improving and updating our product line to help you...
" make a difference"

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Just the NEW Stuff
When making a Difference... MATTERS
Customer Service
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Welcome Signs
starting under $20
Green Houses and
Cold Frames

prices ranging from
$24.95 to $195.95
Merlin the Gnome
6 Tall Hat styles to
choose from
Bobbex Deer Repellent
Apply only once a month and keep the deer away.
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