was created by a garden enthusiast and her friends who could only find the unusual and unique garden and birding items once a year at the local Flower and Garden show. Although some gardeners prefer the manicured and ordinary garden look, in other words - nothing that would make it stand out, most avid gardeners want to make their garden an expression of their individuality. We want to be able to look at our gardens and feel that they are different than anyone else's because of how much of ourselves we have put into them. There is a sense of satisfaction felt, when another gardener walks through your garden and says, "This is so different, I have never seen a garden like this before". As with everything in life, accessories add the finishing touches to a garden. These accessories are where we come in.
Many gardeners just through their love of nature begin to feed the birds and squirrels. You find yourself buying feeders, birdbaths and lots of feed. Just as with gardening, as time goes on you want more elaborate feeders and birdbaths and the ability to attract different birds than your neighbors. These same feeders and birdbaths become part of your garden décor and thus the ordinary ones "just won't do".
We at want to assist you in finding the unique items that will help make your garden the envy of the neighborhood. The majority of the web site is devoted to unusual Garden Art and "out of the ordinary
" Birding and Garden Wildlife items. There are also areas devoted to Non-Traditional Pet Accessories, Garden Tools for the avid gardener who is constantly putting those tools to work, and Gifts for the avid gardener/birding enthusiast that have a gardening/birding flavor.
If nothing else, our site should allow your imagination to wander and create a magical place for you to enjoy nature. Enjoy the site and if you have ideas on how we can make it better, please let us know.

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